Preserve Your Bathroom For Years To Come

Mould Buildup - Poor Bathroom VentillationIt’s obvious to those of us in or around the business, but you would be surprised how many times bathroom remodellers are asked about mould in the bathroom and its causes. Not only can mould be a sign of underlying issues, simply washing it away may be masking a simple solution.

What is causing this to happen in the first place?

Proper ventilation is crucial in your bathroom. A good fan is #1 in resolving the occurrence of mould, and avoiding more serious moisture related problems. A good way to test your fan to make sure that it is strong enough, is to place a sheet of toilet paper on it while it’s running. If the fan is able to keep the sheet of tissue in place via it’s suction power, then you are in good shape. However, if the fan isn’t strong enough to hold this piece of paper tissue up, a replacement fan would be a wise investment.

Step #2, would be to make sure that you do not leave the door closed 100% of the way when you exit the bathroom after a shower or bath. Leaving a crack in the door will help the fan to do its job, or leave a window open if feasible. The fan should be left to run for a solid 20-30 minutes after the fact. This time frame, coupled with the good ventilation will help the fan circulate the air, withdraw moisture and force air out of the bathroom more efficiently in order to avoid that mould buildup.

Following the 2 simple steps will help to preserve your bathroom from moisture damage for many years to come.

You can find good bathroom fans at the Local New Sudbury Home Depot, Lowes, and independent retailers in New Sudbury like The Bath Depot and Bath Solutions.

Rough In Bathroom Remodel

New Bathroom Contruction and Plumbing

Coordinating the installation of the new bathroom, as seen in this roughed in plumbing, is a very thought intensive feat. You want to make sure that you have the best plumbers and building contractors taking care of this for you.

New Bathroom Contruction and Plumbing

The bathroom shower floor will slightly slope towards the drain. The pipes are setup in a sense that will completely drain the shower head and all related plumbing. This is important, because up north in Canada, remnant water in the plumbing can freeze and cause burst pipe issues. This setup will avoid all of that.

The framing on this new construction is almost complete, but this image shows how much work actually goes in behind the walls when everything is closed up and sealed. This is the setup that we take for granted every single day, and we just rely on all of this plumbing to do its thing :)

You’ll notice that there is no ply wood used in this setup. Since there will be granite going up the walls and on a section of the tub. This ensures that there is no shifting from moisture and weight.

The back/west wall will hold a television. Since the tub head will be towards the east wall, the drain will be at the end where your feet will be as you lay down.

A smart thermostat will be connected to in-floor heating which is installed before the tile goes down.

Drain lines, pipes and all plumbing needs to be planned well in advance in order to ensure proper execution. To find a good local plumber, we recommend to start a search at Plumbing Sector on Facebook.

Get your plumbing contractor, and carpenter/builder in at the same time and get things done properly in order to avoid any surprises.


Luxury Bathroom Dreaming

Luxury Bathroom Dreaming

Luxury Bathroom Dreaming

Ultimate comfort, luxury and elegance. Upon entering through the wide solid wood door, and stepping onto the textured travertine tile floor, this is a mini paradise within the home.

Everything is custom in this stunningly crafted bathroom. The elegant his and her vessel sinks and faucets coupled with sit down area in between. The angled vaulted ceiling and flush set pot lights are a nice touch.

The oversize shower is with a built-in bench and stone finished wall truly speaks of class. Towel warmers located in the drawers as you exit the shower.

This is truly a fabulous luxury bathroom!