Certified Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Certification by GIA – IGI – EGL

Are you confused yet? Why are so many retailers using different companies to do their appraisals?

rose gold and white gold diamond engagement ringThe truth is that many companies who sell directly to the public will avoid GIA. Small service shops see it everyday, owner of Sudbury Jewelry Repair in Ontario claims it is an everyday question from customers shopping around for diamonds : “Why is GIA so much more expensive than IGI/EGL?”. So why are so many stores avoiding the topic?

When a customer even mentions the words GIA certified, most major retailers will try to avoid the topic. Since you have knowledge of GIA certification then you must be an internet shopper. An educated shopper that probably knows more about diamond grading types than the retail sales clerk.

Learn How to Shop Online or In Stores – By Certification Type

Maybe you do not have that knowledge yet. This should help to clarify the topic.

Companies like EGL and IGI are typically used by most major retailers. That should be a good sign. It is not a good sign in this case.

Here is a story that I would like to share. A customer of mine had purchased a GIA certified diamond. Years later she moved to a new house out of town. The insurance company wanted an updated grading report and appraisal. She went to the one of the mall retailers.

 A Diamond That Improved in Quality?

She left the ring with them to be appraised. When the diamond came back from IGI it was not the same grade given by GIA. The new document showed that the diamond was 2 clarity grades higher, and 1 1/2 color grades better. The cut grade was also better than what she had bought.

This is something that happens everyday. A product of the quality that IGI is claiming that this item is would have cost the customer an additional $1,800.00

Did her diamond get better over time? No, that is impossible. What happened is that IGI assigned a grade to the diamond that was both inaccurate and plain wrong.

Stick with GIA Certified – Avoid Inaccurate Certification

The thing I have noticed over the years as well, with companies like EGL and IGI who are inaccurately grading diamonds is this. They return diamond grading that is more than often in conflict with the GIA grading report.

Maybe they make mistakes? I don’t think so. The reason I say this, is that the grading is always higher than what GIA calls it. If EGL and IGI were making honest mistakes, then sometimes the grading would be lower than what GIA assigned to the stone.

This would be the equivalent of ‘HOME APPRAISER1′-the honest appraiser doing an evaluation on your home. It is a 3 bedroom with 2 restrooms. It sells for $200,000 –

Then an evaluation done by ‘HOME INSPECTOR2′ – the dishonest appraiser looking at the same house and saying it has 5 bedrooms, 4 restrooms and a full sized garage for $200,000

If you were to read those in a real estate magazine or website, with no pictures, you would think that the second one is better value. But it is the same house.

Deceptive Marketing Practices Should Not ‘Earn’ Your Business

The practice is deceptive. Big retail stores are notorious for using these deceptive companies to grade their diamonds. Why? Birds of a feather flock together.

Cheaters hang out with cheaters. Usually when someone cheats, they also lie.

Mix that big pot together, and you have a recipe for ripping off and misleading consumers.

Put it to the test, purchase a GIA certified diamond – Send it to IGI and to EGL – and I guarantee you it will not come back the same grade as what it truly is.

Good luck shopping, I hope you enjoyed my daily ranting…

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